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Paul Mooney - Keyboards / Vocals

Paul is the keyboard player and plays a massive part of the technical

side to the Splash shows.

The knowledge he has gained throughout the years is invaluble.
He loves 
all kinds of music and is never without his ipod in his ears.
He has been 
involved in many projects over the years with other
bands including 
Decon Blue. He is a very dedicated member and
is always learning about 
new equipment thats coming out that

will help keep Splash at the top of their field. Asking Paul his
favourite show to date he said" We used to be The
Wet,Wet,Wet Tribute and we played the Rotterdam
Festival in1998. It was 
amazing 12,000 screaming fans there to
see all the different types of Tributes. I remember when we
got there and saw the \ 
stage I thought that cant be it surely,
But it was......"



Splash are:

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