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Marc Andrew - Vocals

Marc is the most talked about front man in the UK. He has an amazing voice that spans over 3 octaves and can sing anything you throw at him. His energetic and charismatic on stage presence will leave you spellbound.Marc is also a very talented keyboard player and produces music for TV and Film. He has a great gift in knowing what a crowd want from night to night and giving them exactly what they want. Marc say's "You cant rehearse a set for a wedding, corporate or birthday party as they are all different and need to changed on the night

to suit each night and that is why Splash are so
sought after
because we are so versatile

and create the night that makes 

whatever function we are playing at

memorable for years to come....

Asking Marc his favourite show to date he

said "We supported a load of big named acts

thoughout the years but we supported

Garbage at Cardiff  International Arena in front

of 10,000 people that was a buzz, but I would 

have to say our time in Disney World

was an eye opener. In the UK at the time Splash

were being hailed as the top British Showgroup, but

going to Entertainment Capital Orlando's Walt Disney

Resort We havd to up our game again to compete with some of the best showgroups from all over the

world. So it was great for us and helped create the band we

would become.

Splash are:

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